Reaching deep into their iconic archives, adidas pull out a limited edition boot re-born as a tribute to the Predator that changed the game. This here is the adidas Predator Edge 94+ and it's a leather edition of the current Predator Edge with the stripes of the OG from 1994. 

Dropping in limited numbers, the adidas Predator Edge+ puts a modern spin on the very first adidas Predator boot that was unleashed onto the scene for the 1994 World Cup in the United States of America. The leather upper is alone to grab attention but placing those stripes from the 1994 on the rear of the new boot is a marriage of generations that we're fully on board with.


The launch celebrates the first ever Predator in 1994, but this wasn't just any boot. The original Predator boot kicked off the most groundbreaking and daring boot series of all time, and the technology was labelled as an ‘unfair advantage’ back in 1994 as adidas had built a boot with technology that aided control, spin and shot power onto a market that simply couldn't challenge it. It was a genuine advantage.


The adidas Predator Edge+ mirrors the colourway of the 1994 boot and lifts the iconic stripes off the original and onto a leather upper of the Predator Edge. Kicking off the 2022 World Cup celebrations with a drop that pays tribute to the tech that changed the world of boot design 28 years ago. 18 generations later the Predator is still going strong an worn by elite players all across the world.


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