Rolling the clock back to 2012, adidas raid the archive to bring back the original Predator LZ in a vibrant appearance that fuses the signature Beckham look with the women’s colourway. It lands alongside the Predator Edge and two Accelerator trainers to complete the ‘Unite Football' pack.

They’ve already been spotted on the feet of Fabinho in Liverpool’s recent training sessions and win over Brighton, but now adidas Officially unveil the rerelease edition of the Predator LZ, which lines up alongside the Predator Edge and two Accelerator trainers to form the ‘Unite Football’ pack. The two boots arrive in corresponding “Solar Pink/Black/White” colourways, with the trainers getting block wraps, one in white, the other in pink.

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As we all know, the current generation Predator Edge took a lot of inspiration from the original Predator LZ, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, so it’s a nice nod to see them both lineup alongside one another in the ‘Unite Football’ pack. And the nods don’t stop there either. At first glance adidas seem to have brought back David Beckham’s signature look from that year, but on closer inspection you can see that the colour formation is slightly different – where the OG had a pink forefoot with black rubber stripes and a white heel, here we get a white forefoot with pink stripes, and then pink and black in the heel. That’s because it’s been merged with the colourway that was used on the women’s boot from that year also, acting as a reminder that although there is still a long way to go, adidas has been addressing the women’s game for quite some time. 

As with most modern rereleases, the soleplate of the Predator LZ is switched out for the current generation tooling, ensuring it's able to stand up to the demands of today’s game. Aside from that though it’s a faithful recreation, with the Predator LZ I upper arriving exactly as it was 10 years ago.

For the Predator Edge, it’s a fresh new colourway with the same technology that was introduced upon its debut back in January. So you still get the Zone Skin – a breakthrough innovation supporting swerve, spin and grip – and the Facet Frame on the sole of the boot, which delivers stability and dynamic traction for powerful movement on the pitch. It’s just wrapped up in the new nostalgia-driven “Solar Pink/Black/White” colourway.

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Then there’s the appearance of the two Accelerator trainers. Bit of a weird one in that they have no real link to the Predator LZ that this pack otherwise seems built around, having originally dropped almost 15 years previously. That being said, as if we’re gonna complain about any Accelerator-centric release. 

Arriving in solid pink or white, the Accelerators come in the classic silhouette, with super-soft K-leather overlays covering a mesh body. It’s this style that recreates the iconic forefoot silhouette in the absence of any actual rubber elements which, let’s face it, would be completely superfluous here. To add to the comfort of this lifestyle release, they come riding in on a full Boost midsole. In fact, it’s the same tech used for the adidas Ultraboost, with the Continental outsole and Torsion system. Style and substance.

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