Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of the first Predator, adidas have released a recreation of David Beckham’s 2001 Predator Precision in the same crisp white, silver and red colourway that will instantly spark memories of that free kick.

The 2001 Predator Precision is arguably Beckham’s most iconic Predator, made famous for being on his feet when he scored the stoppage time free kick against Greece that took England to the 2002 World Cup and sent the nation into raptures. England in their all-white kit, with those Precisions looking like they were designed specifically for that moment, tying in perfectly as Beckham leapt into the air in celebration… Good times. Unless you’re Greek, of course.


Landing as part of the “25 Years of Predator” Pack alongside Zinedine Zidane’s 1998 Predator Accelerator, Beckham’s Predator Precision features an all-white K-leather upper along with the iconic red tongue. As an added little extra, they also come with both white and red laces, so you can customise your look.

The most notable difference here is in the soleplate. The silver of the 2001 original is switched out for an off-white soleplate from the Predator 19 that irritate a few purists, but up top it's all nostalgically sweet. The upper is a virtual 1:1 recreation, with the instantly recognisable Three Stripes that have gone on to have their own sneaker, the Sobakov, dedicated to them present in the same stunning silver, laid over the pure white K-leather. The only change is the “DB” initials, tastefully stitched into the heel for a nice finish.


The Beckham Archive Pack also includes a Predator Precision TR edition (below) as well as a few apparel pieces, all marked with the DB stamp. The boots will drop as part of the adidas Limited Collection and will be available in restricted numbers. Yeah, you want a pair. We all do.


Pick up the adidas “25 Years of Predator” Precision from prodirectsoccer.com