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David Beckham Discusses His adidas Predator Legacy

A career made up of history making moments and culture defining moves. The David Beckham Predator timeline represents distinct milestones in his life both on and off the pitch. As he launches his signature Capsule Collection with adidas, David Beckham talks to SoccerBible's Keane Pearce Shaw about his adidas Predator legacy and the release of his new limited edition Predator Accelerator DB.

Iconic players make iconic moments. No player in the world is more synonymous with a football boot than David Beckham is with the adidas Predator – his trademark free-kick execution helped define his career while giving the Predator the strongest identity possible. So when Beckham walks into a room with signature Predator boots mapped out like chapters of his autobiography things get nostalgic.


The past remains the past, no matter how well decorated it is. As David Beckham and adidas launch their next-generation project in the form of the limited edition adidas Predator Accelerator DB, Beckham explains the inspiration behind the design and why he worked so close with the Three Stripes to bring back and nurture an icon on a healthy diet of heritage and innovation.

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