Following on from the Spark Pack both in terms of launch date and aesthetics, PUMA drop the Origin Pack, which has been designed to celebrate the upbringing of young players and the clubs where they started their careers.

Last week PUMA launched the ‘Flare Pack’, wrapping the Future Z and Ultra in “Parisian Night/Neon Citrus/Festival Fuchsia” colourways as the brand’s first on pitch moves of the new year. Now, in a similar move to the ‘Alter Reality Pack’ from 2019, the brand takes sight at the next generation, focusing on where a player comes from, where they started their journey, and then coming back to share their success with those who look up to them. 

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origin 13-min.jpg

The Origin Pack sees both the Future Z 1.2 and Ultra 1.3 (no 1.4 upgrade here, unlike in the Flare Pack) in matching “Ultra Magenta/Puma Black/Green Glare” colourways, with a wild cubic dip graphic dominating the whole look. The pack will be worn by young talent from across Europe, including Norwich’s Todd Cantwell and Manchester City’s Esme Morgan. These players will then choose a young player their neighbourhood club to wear the same boots. Nice touch.

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