Coming in with a seasonal refresh, PUMA wrap the Future Z and Ultra in new coats that feature colourful blasts for what is the ‘Spectra Pack’. This is set to be PUMA’s new on-pitch colourway for the remainder of the season, so you can expect to see all of the brand’s top assets switching into these in the near future.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve put winter behind us and are ploughing headlong into the warmer weather of spring. That’s right, time to close your winter wardrobe and slip into some shorts. And PUMA have obliged with their current silo setup, coating the Future Z and Ultra in some appropriately fresh coats.

puma 12-min.jpg
puma 11-min.jpg

The base colouring of both the Future Z and the Ultra is white, and that is the perfect canvas for some brighter flashes of colour to blast through. For the Future, that’s again on the adaptive FuzionFit+ compression band. It is the centre-piece of the boot’s design, and PUMA again place the emphasis squarely on it, highlighting its ability to provide optimal lock-in and support for movement. Not a surprise to know that Neymar will slip into these following his brief dalliance with his signature ‘Creativity’ colourway. He’ll be joined by all other Future wearers, including James Maddison, Luis Suarez, and Marco Reus.

For the Ultra, it’s a similar yet contrasting look to the ‘Game On’ edition, with colour woven through the ultra-lightweight Matryxevo upper, while the lightweight Peba SpeedUnit outsole takes on a chrome fade from forefoot to rear. You can expect to see the Ultra’s new look in action on the feet of Antoine Griezmann, along with the likes of Sergio Aguero and Eugénie Le Sommer.

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