The Champions League continues to heat up as the competition progresses, and with more fixtures around the corner PUMA launch the ‘Under the Lights’ pack, wrapping the Future Z 1.2 and Ultra 1.3 in bright new colourways.

Keeping things fresh on the pitch for the Champions League, PUMA launch the new ‘Under the Lights’ pack, giving the Future Z 1.2 and Ultra 1.3 “Green Glare/Elektro Aqua/Spellbound” coats. It’s an unconventional look, but one that will stand out on the biggest club stage, and it follows the trend of brands releasing packs for this competition, although don’t bet on them being seen exclusively in it. They may be inspired by the UCL, but that ain’t gonna stop players in all competitions wearing the fresh colourway.

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With no tech upgrades in the pack, the Future Z 1.2 sees the “Elektro Aqua” (turquoise) in the front of the foot, with the navy colouring in the rear, split by the signature FUZIONFIT+ compression band which, along with the laces, stands out in that bright green colour. It still boasts the innovative 'Z' shaped outsole (hence the name), while a thin GripControl pro skin is applied in key areas to emphasise the super soft upper for a refined touch and ball control.

For the Ultra 1.3, it’s a a far more uniform look, with the green and turquoise dominating the upper in a 50-50 split. The navy settles on the tongue and collar area. It features a re-engineered lightweight MATRYXEVO woven upper featuring technical Carbon yarns and transparent Mono yarns. The new upper combines with a brand new Speedcage to create multilayered support for rapid movement.

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