As if Mizuno weren’t classy enough already, the Japanese brand have taken their iconic Morelia silo, given it an ultra light rework, and then, to top all of that off, they’ve given it a luxurious gold paint job. Classy just doesn’t do this justice…

Following in the footsteps of Diadora – another brand who are famed for their craftsmanship and rich heritage – who recently took arguably their most famous silo in the Brasil and coated it in gold, Mizuno now present the Morelia in a similar golden look that’s worthy of the history and tradition of the boot. But it doesn’t stop at the surface this time around.

mizuno 3-min.jpg
mizuno 2-min.jpg

So as well as the uber-classy gold paint job, Mizuno have also retooled the Morelia, making it their lightest boot to date. They’ve done this mainly by equipping an ultra lightweight sole unit, while the upper is still made from the most premium K-leather, carrying with it the ultimate seal of quality in the ‘Made in Japan’ tag. Now, if they really wanted to focus on keeping the weight down then they could easily do away with the classic fold over tongue… but we’re all for that staying in place. 

So ‘MIJ’, a regal gold paint job, an ultra lightweight construction, and all in time for the return of football? Just take our money now…

mizuno 5-min.jpg
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