Mizuno complete their Morelia 30th anniversary celebrations in a glorious golden styled finale with the launch of 30 pairs of limited edition Morelia II MD boots.

The icing on the cake for a brand who have been championing their famed boot throughout 2015, the Morelia II MD is part of the 'Made in Japan' series and is crafted by hand from premium grade Kangaroo Leather which features the 30th Anniversary logo printed on the heel. Mizuno began their landmark year with the release of the Runbird LE in January, a boot constructed using the same molds and materials as the original from 1985 but now they're rounding off proceeding with a colourway that represents the first class quality of the brand.

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Just 30 pairs have landed globally, which makes the "Gold/Black" Mizuno Morelia II MD one of the most exclusive and desirable releases of the year. Each pair hand made, each pair a piece of history representing one of football's longest serving and most distinguished football timelines. Golden perfection. The only problem? They'll probably be sold out by the time you've finished reading this. Soz.

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