Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t get much more premium than what you see here. This is the extremely limited edition ‘Gold Capsule’ from Diadora, and it boasts two special editions from Diadora’s line up, with the legendary Brasil taking prime position, and the newest silhouette, the B-Elite, in support. The colourway is a bold statement paying homage to the most prestigious of individual accolades in the modern game – the Ballon d’Or, and only 56 pairs of each boot will be released.

There aren’t many statements on a par with wearing a golden boot. Quite simply, you have to either be some player to pull it off, or be prepared to receive an absolute shoeing for your efforts. But without argument they are a thing of beauty, resplendent in their presentation and unmatched in their regality. And Diadora’s latest efforts fit succinctly into that category, presenting the class and legacy of the iconic Brasil in a complete gold wrap. Contender for boot of the year? No question. Just 56 pairs of each boot have been released, as a nod to 2020 being the first year since 1956 that the Ballon d’Or has not been awarded to a player.

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Diadora have brought the Brasil back for several premium releases, including the whiteout and blackout editions, but they’ve all been topped with this latest look. The golden presentation pays homage to the Balon d’Or, an award that Marco Van Basten, George Weah and Roberto Baggio picked up while wearing the iconic silo. 

Fully covered in a premium golden aesthetic with the only break in the colour being the Italian flag, the richness and softness of the Brasil’s hand crafted k-leather upper and all over golden styling has been designed for the purest of touch, exquisite control and sublime movement with the ball. The multi studded firm ground sole plate is effortlessly evolved from the original Brasil’s tooling to meet the demands of the modern player, with flex, stability and comfort the key protagonists. 

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The new B-Elite also gets the golden touch treatment, a premium execution that the Italian brand is synonymous for with a handcrafted quality that covers every seam. The B-Elite is distinguishable of the duo with a full length white sole plate complimented by a sleek, modern profile housing lightweight performance. The soleplate of the B-Elite also features the same zig-zag design as Diadora’s Maximus model, the model favoured by legendary Roma player Franceso Totti. That plate featured embedded internal wiring which enhanced flex and rebound, now used as a blue print for the flex grooves that give the modern B-Elite a performance edge.

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The 'Gold Capsule' represents more than just an exercise in bling-onomics. Any brand can coat a boot in gold and chuck it out for the admiring glances that it's sure to garner. No, this is a statement release; this is Diadora underlining its exclusive position in the market. While the big boys in the business bandy about with their innovative and often groundbreaking technologies, constantly battling to out do one another, the Italian specialists resist the urge to change for the sake of it: they have heritage, they have craftsmanship, they have class, and they're not afraid to lean on all three.

An argument can be made for moving with the times, but why try and improve on perfection? Stick to what you know, and if what you know is arguably rooted in what's up there as one of the greatest boots of all time, then so be it. Gone are the times when the pros are wearing Brasils as they picked up their Balon d'Ors, but that leaves Diadora in an even more premium space. We live in a time when people are looking for that unique touch, that point of difference that shows off individuality, and it's here that the Italian brand are standing tall, no gimmicks, no celebrity endorsements, just quality.

The 'Gold Capsule' is a statement release, make no mistake. Royalty does not bend for anybody.

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Only 56 pairs of the Diadora Brasil "Gold" and B-Elite "Gold/White" released, both available exclusively at

You want a pair, best hurry.