Mizuno breathe fresh life into their top-spec Made In Japan Morelia Neo II with a summer update of colour. "Print Blue" is paired with "Safety Yellow" and thrown onto the feet of leading player Hulk to arrive as the next on-pitch design for the Japanese brand.

Mizuno don't mess around with gimmicks just for the sake of staying 'relevant.' When the brand come across a concept that works and players enjoy, they stick with it. Mizuno provide consistency and that's helped them create a loyal following of players. The Morelia Neo silo is now into its sixth year and only second generation, and with a scattering of colourways landing throughout the seasons the theme remains the same; each arrives in understated style with an element of class.

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No yearly drastic overhauls here, Mizuno have got a design they believe in and modest colour updates are all that are required. The new colourway will be headlined by the Made In Japan silo but rolled out across the full Morelia Neo II collection. If you need reminding about the MIJ edition then it's the series built using the same highest quality materials that Mizuno offer to their contracted athletes. Weighing just 180 grams, the boots are made with the most elite leather in the game - 'Scotchguard K-Leather' - the highest grade leather afforded to football boots, and it' treated with a liquid silicone to make it waterproof, stain resistant and durable.

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