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adidas Launch The 'Uniforia Pack'

Bringing a freshness to the field of play ready for the return of football, adidas launch the Uniforia Pack. Designed at the intersection of art and football, the Uniforia boot pack celebrates the unity and euphoria-inspiring power of the two, possessing a shared ability to evoke creativity & self-expression.

Following on from the brightly coloured, monotone ‘Locality Pack’, which we got to see recently despite not being available in Europe just yet, adidas have now unveiled the ‘Uniforia Pack’. The X 19+, COPA 20+, Predator 20+, and Nemeziz 19+ retain the bright colourings of the Locality Pack, just restricting them to flashes on an otherwise white canvas. We say ‘canvas’ quite purposefully here, as the look of the pack takes the painted brush stroke effect that has been a running theme on both national shirts and the official match ball of the tournament, also named Uniforia. Each 'canvas' is brought to life with a luminous colour palette, with the brush stroke design sparingly applied in the style of abstract artistry methods for an impactful and handcrafted aesthetic.

uniforia 5-min.jpg

Yep, safe to assume that these would have been the boots that would have caught the eye on the feet of the artists on the pitch at Euro 2020. Instead though, the Uniforia Pack (so named in honour of the unity and the euphoria that football can bring) is primed and ready for football’s glorious return as the domestic leagues across Europe grind back into gear for their conclusions.

With various pros being spotted putting the next generation of X through its paces, this could well be one of the last looks for the X 19+, but if it is then it’s a hell of a way to bow out. Keeping the same colour that was wrapped entirely around the Locality Pack variation, the look here is more like someone has just started painting a white version, and the Locality look is what the final product will appear. That’s not to say this doesn’t look good – far from it. As we said, if this is to be the last look, it’s a good one to go out on. The brushed paint effect blazes through the toe area, through the forefoot and equally on the metallic effect underside.

uniforia 4-min.jpg

For the COPA 20+, the “signal green” is spattered across the white upper, mixed with touches of black and silver, all combining to accentuate the metallic Three Stripes on the instep. That green also flashes through the stud tips, which protrude through the silver-tinged soleplate.

The Predator 20+ takes on an almost flame effect, emanating from the forefoot again, as with the X. Ties in nicely with the recent Dragon Predator release. Those red and yellow brushstroke-style flashes lick across the forefoot and soleplate, leaving the rear of the boot untouched in pristine white.

uniforia 3-min.jpg

And rounding off the pack is the one boot that was notable by its absence from the Locality Pack: the Nemeziz 19+. Again, as with the X 19, we’re expecting an update on the Nemeziz sometime in the not too distant future with the 19 having been out for a full 12 months now, so could be that this is one of the final looks we get. It combines flashes of green and blue across the upper, while the split soleplate is green only.

uniforia 2-min.jpg

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