This here is the limited edition adidas Dragon Predator 20+, and it’s a beast like nothing else you’ve ever seen before. Evolution in the most primal sense, the Dragon Predator mimics the look of the mythical creature, right down to a scaled upper.

When adidas launched the Predator 20+ Mutator, it was met with a mixed reaction at first, its radical new design taking some getting used to. But its aggressive aesthetic was quickly embraced, thanks mainly to a performance that could back up the look. Now the Three Stripes are really pushing the boundaries, creating hype on the levels of Game of Thrones by unleashing the beast that is the impressive Dragon Predator 20+.


To mimic the look of a Dragon, the Dragon Predator uses leather and Fusion skin instead of the usual Primeknit on the upper. This makes it even softer than the regular mutator, while also magnifying the concept of Demon Skin; those rubber spikes that protrude through the upper, offering power and control. It also enabled adidas to deboss scales on the leather, as well as adding different finishes to create a colour shifting skin. The collar has then been re-engineered to feature a dragon scale-like primeknit, unique to this boot. 


And the uniqueness doesn’t stop at the boot itself either. Completing the package is one of the most unreal boxes you’re ever likely to see. Created to simulate a dragon egg, it features the pattern used on the inline Predator box but in a debossed tonal execution. On the inside, two elastics hold the boots on either side, in what is a nod to the original elastics used on the fold over tongues of past Predators. A beast like no other, and due to the limited nature of the release, it won't hang around. Like the Dragon, this will be nothing but a myth if you're not quick.

dragon 1-min.jpg

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