With preparations for next summer well underway, adidas launch the Russia Euro 2020 home shirt, which reintroduces the strong bold colours of the nation’s flag alongside a hand-painted sublimated graphic, which features through the main body.

To give each nation’s shirt design a unique feel, adidas used creators from across all parts of the brand to produce hand-drawn sketches, rather than using digital methods. This formed the basis of the ‘unity between art and football’ approach that adidas then used across all of their shirt designs for Euro 2020, and Russia is no different, with the colours of the flag forming the canvas upon which a unique hand-painted graphic features.


Using the same template as Spain and Sweden, the shirt uses red as its base colour, combined with white and blue detailing through the collar and cuffs. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Euro Championship, adidas has created a special stamp icon to feature on each jersey for each match. The copy of each stamp is written in the language of the host country, which features within a shape that correlates to the outline of the stadium the match will be held in.

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