We recently got our first look at the new adidas 'Locality Pack' that’s dropped in the US ahead of a full European launch this summer. The collection sees the X 19, Copa 20 and Predator 20, wrapped in vibrant monotone updates ready for summer.

In a bright wash of fluorescence, the adidas ‘Locality Pack’ has been revealed, and it’s already available in the US, Asia and Australia, but not Europe … yet. Ready for some warmer weather football, adidas have brought their brightest paint to the party, giving fresh looks to the X 19, Copa 20 and Predator 20, but notable by its absence is the Nemeziz. The agility silo is due an update anytime now, and the fact that it either hasn’t been included in this pack, or, more likely just hasn’t been revealed yet, suggests that it will probably arrive in the not to distant future.

vit 4-min.jpg
vit 10-min.jpg

Current disruptions aside, the ‘Locality Pack’ would have been primed to take its place on pitches the world over for the culmination of the 2019/20 season, replacing the ‘Mutator Pack’. But, with plans somewhat out of anyone’s control, the bright burst will have to wait to make its on-pitch debut.

All three of the boots take on a bright monotone look that will be hard to miss on pitch. The X 19, another in the Three Stripes’ repertoire that will soon be due an upgrade, is painted in pink from heel to toe, with only the texture of materials showing the branding overlays across the Skeletalweave upper.

vit 3-min.jpg
vit 9-min.jpg

The COPA 20 takes on possibly the brightest look of all, with a luminous “Signal Green” that’s not a million miles away from the bright volt yellow look of the ‘Hardwired Pack’, save for the black detailing that’s wiped out in favour of the full wrap.

And rounding off the collection is the Predator 20+ Mutator, which takes on a red hue that, for our money, borders on the orange side. Save for the ‘Shadow Beast’ Predator, which featured only the slightest glimmer amongst an otherwise dark canvas, this is the first time the new Predator 20+ Mutator has been seen in a single colouring. Alongside the laceless 20+ variation, the low-cut version is also available in the bright ‘Locality Pack’ look.

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Stay tuned to find out when the adidas 'Locality Pack' will launch in Europe.