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adidas Reveal Germany EURO 2020 Home Shirt

Yes, the international break has made another unwelcome appearance but adidas are giving this one significance by unveiling the home shirts of a number of their nations that hope to be competing at EURO 2020 next summer. Starting with Germany.

Uniting art and football, each adidas design for the tournament is inspired by the similarities that exist between these territories. A unique approach to developing the jerseys saw creators from across all parts of the brand produce hand-drawn sketches, rather than using digital methods. These artworks created by a diverse collective of designers spoke to the passion and emotion shared by fans and players, which would later become the inspiration for the final patterns, colour choices and number graphics of the jerseys.


Stripes have been embedded in the design of Germany’s jersey since the 1980s, and the 2020 version will see the iconic detail reinterpreted in the style of contemporary hand-painted pinstripes. In a nod to modern, street style, it is a simple aesthetic inspired by the clean brush strokes of the original artwork that informed its design.

The new jersey also sees the return of German black/red/gold flag colours on the sleeves, while the dynamic lines within the flag detail represent the diverse background of German players and fans, celebrating the notions of togetherness and inclusivity that the country prides itself on.


To mark the 60th anniversary of the competition, EURO 2020 will be held across 12 countries in the most diverse tournament yet. In commemoration, adidas has created a special stamp icon to feature on each jersey for each match. The copy of each stamp is written in the language of the host country, which features within a shape that correlates to the outline of the stadium the match will be held in.

Germany will wear their EURO 2020 home shirt for the first time in their qualifier against Belarus in Mönchengladbach on Saturday.


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