When it comes to Mizuno, it’s time to open the Thesaurus to see how many times we can mention class and comfort before it starts sounding like we’re just repeating ourselves over and over and over and over again. Diving into the newest iteration of the Rebula means seeing how vast our vocabulary has gotten since the last time we got wrapped in the warm embrace of an Made In Japan boot.

The Rebula 3 has always been the one Mizuno boot that has to do a little bit of extra work to win us over. Replacing the beloved and ever-intriguing Wave Ignitus line was always going to take some doing, and we’ve had a hard time swallowing the Rebula as being worthy lineage to one of the last proper power boots to ever grace the market.

In the first two versions, the obvious Mizuno quality was always there, but it was tough to see where the Japanese master craftsmen were heading with the boot. The Rebula 2 was known for having a bit more break-in that you’d expect from something oozing Mizuno elegance, a leather that was incredibly comfortable and nice on the ball, but we weren’t quite ready to allow the boot to hold sway next to the legends of the Morelia and Neo.


The Made in Japan (MIJ) edition is Mizuno’s most premium product. Not only is it made with their most premium materials, the brand also chuck in a few extras. Leather cream, an applicator cloth (some handy instructions), and a boot bag helps you to part with that heavier price tag that the MIJ Rebula carries.

Nice touches, but Mizuno aren’t throwing in these extras to screen over an overpriced product. The Made In Japan edition is the showpiece of Mizuno’s esteemed craftsmanship that delivers touch, comfort and precision.

When you step out in the Rebula 3, you realise that the leather that felt silky smooth in your hands is just as soft on your foot. The inner support cage that has been used on this boot has zero negative impact on letting that ridiculously soft leather sit on your foot and give you that feel for the ball that Mizuno does so well.

Straight out of the box, you get a leather that seems a bit thinner than previous versions but gives you what we all hunt for in quality leather boots: the ability to offer that plush, soft padding without making your touch feel anything other than intimately close. It’s a line that Mizuno has walked expertly for years, and it’s a losing argument to try and suggest that any other brand does modern leather boots better.

There’s a special sensation when Mizuno crafts something this well. Lightweight and incredible comfort straight from a great build and supple leather make this a dream to enjoy off the ball that can only be improved by when you receive a pass.


Those light pushes to keep the ball in front of your pace, whether setting up for a shot, simply continuing a run, or getting ready to play a pass… it all feels so silky in the latest Rebula. It’s also made easy by how responsive this boot’s build allows it to be. The deep lacing system and the staggered width of the lace holes allows the boot to possess an exceptional fit that helps prevent rollover and always feel like this boot is poised for your next step.

Once you finally give someone else a bit of time on the ball, passing is exactly what you’d be looking for with this style of boot. You can still feel the weight of anything zipped into you, but that leather helps make it feel like you can take the sting out of just about anything. Quick lay-offs, deft caresses into space, or cross-field balls are all met with that leather satisfaction that you’d demand from an MIJ release at this price point.

Striking the ball is going to depend on where you’re striking the ball. The tongue is a very thin synthetic that makes it feel like you absolutely blast the ball on a clean strike, and the leather portions of the boot still give you that warm response that you want when you put everything you have behind your shot.

It would all be for naught if this boot caused mega blisters or has us prepping an ice bath for our feet after every session but that’s not how Mizuno do business.


The thin nature of the leather coupled with the soft liner makes sure the boot is never stiff. The lacing system and heel padding make sure there aren’t going to be any loose areas of the boot to cause blisters, and the right amount of flex underfoot makes sure the boot is responsive while still letting your foot move naturally at pace or striking a ball.

Break-in time is super quick, with the boot feeling broken-in during our first session. However, like most leather boots, the comfort and feel only improves with each successive wear. It would be a serious anomaly if any MIJ release didn’t tick all of the boxes in the comfort department, and the Rebula 3 continues a tradition that Mizuno seem unlikely to let lapse.


One of the few things that was carried from the Rebula 2 is the D-Flex groove in the midfoot that still remains present on the soleplate. The new stud set-up that accompanies the D-Flex seems to take nods from the Morelia Neo and gives a better level of traction. It felt great and we had zero qualms during testing with what was happening underfoot, but would we like to see Mizuno experiment with a more aggressive speed plate in the future? Yeah, we would. There’s something about conical (rounded) studs that will always feel like the handbrake is on a bit.

If you make the plunge then you’ve guaranteed yourself one of the best football boots on the market. The only item that’s a bit tough to swallow is the price tag. The MIJ Rebula 3 sits at the absolute top of the boot price mountain. More than the latest knitted and collared innovations and even limited edition drops.



If you’ve been thinking about taking the MIJ jump, waiting on Mizuno to find the right formula after the departure of your beloved Wave Ignitus, then the Rebula 3 would be a great choice. There isn’t a boot from the major brands that can offer this touch with this lightweight feel and there isn’t a doubt that the quality stands up against and even exceeds anything else currently on the market. If you can justify the price then you won’t feel short changed. You’re paying top dollar for a reason here.

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