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Mizuno Launch The Rebula II "Day & Night Pack"

Mizuno’s 2019 campaign continues to gather pace with the release of the “Day and Night Pack”, and dropping as part of that is the Rebula 2 V1, which sees the precision, power and pace silo get a “Brilliant Blue/White/Clown Fish Orange" makeover.

Arriving as part of the “Day and Night Pack”, the Rebula 2 gets a contrasting look to the Morelia Neo II, with a dark blue heel transitioning to a lighter blue in the rest of the upper. The Runbird appears in white, while the orange here is restricted to brief flashes in some forefoot studs in the soleplate.

Rebula 5050 1-min.jpg
Rebula 5050 2-min.jpg

While both boots in the “Day and Night Pack” feature a dark to light and vice versa colour scheme that conjures images of the day to night of the pack name, they also stand side by side as representatives of sunrise and sunset, with the Rebula taking on a lighter look all round compared to the darker Morelia.

It’s not the biggest departure from the norm for the Japanese brand, but Mizuno are so good at what they do that it doesn’t need to be overly adventurous. The Rebula continues to offer the secure fitting and comfort of the K-leather control frame, and it’s available in the premium perfection that is the hand-crafted Made in Japan edition as well as a standard version that still boasts the quality of Mizuno just at a slightly lower price point.


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