Mizuno hit spring with a vibrant two-punch combo as they drop the Rebula V1 and Morelia Neo II in matching "Safety Yellow" coats of colour. Both silhouettes being treated to the highest quality 'Made in Japan' edition designs.

The bold wrap lands as the fifth colourway to dress the Rebula V1 series as Mizuno follow up the recent icy white rendition with something a little more dramatic for their contracted players to slip into for March. Expect to see Keisuke Honda and Shinji Okazaki in the Rebula V1 update.


The Rebula V1 replaced the popular Wave Ignitus series at the beginning of the season as Mizuno mixed up their on-pitch line-up. The new-generation model is equipped to carry the quality reputation of the Japanese brand into the next chapter of football footwear design. Players were big into the spin and power that the Wave Ignitus provided, and Mizuno have kept those traits while making the k-leather Rebula silhouette more streamline.

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