Mizuno brush up their Rebula 2 V1 silo with a classy black and gold colourway for Autumn. Guiding the second generation boot through the "Made in Japan" spa for the most premium of treatments, Mizuno deliver with typical quality.

Flipping the "Gold/Black" colourway found on the Morelia Neo II the Rebula arrives with a more low-key vibe, but equal in terms of luxury styling and design. The Rebula series replaced the popular Wave Ignitus line as Mizuno's control silo and the brand have re-visited a colour combination that went down well on the Ignitus. To be perfectly honest this colourway would go down well on any boot.


What we're looking at here is the "Made in Japan" edition of the boot – a standard Rebula V1 also arrives, but it's the elite level "Made in Japan" model that boasts the brand's top materials and treatments to ensure the highest quality product available. Premium pace all over. Mizuno have to be the most consistent brand on the market when it comes to crowd-pleasing colourways. No gimmicks here, just reliable deliverance.

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