Mizuno polish up in pristine style for the fourth colourway of the new Rebula V1 series. Icy whites and sleek silvers combine for a crisp aesthetic on the brand's elite level 'Made In Japan' offering.

Mizuno stepped bravely into new territory in the summer by replacing the popular Wave Ignitus series with the Rebula V1 – a new-generation model equipped to carry the quality reputation of the Japanese brand into the next chapter of football footwear design. As with everything Mizuno do, the transition has been effortlessly smooth. Slick colour updates like the one here are a typical example of the brand's class.


The Wave Ignitus was a popular boot amongst players seeking that extra bit of spin or power on the ball and Mizuno have kept some of those traits while combining them with fit and comfort. The Rebula V1 takes on a similar streamline silhouette as the Wave Ignitus, but there are a number of modern updates; The CT Frame provides the spine for the Rebula V1, and offers a foam skeleton for the foot to naturally slide in to.

Kangaroo leather provides that plush feel that Mizuno nail time and time again. It's the finest and thinnest k-leather the brand have used to date, meaning the Rebula V1 can offer that feeling of being close to the ball while eliminating any worries over chunkiness.

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