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Hackney Youth FC Launch adidas Glitch 17 Corrozone Skin

If you hadn't already noticed, the adidas Glitch 17 doesn't do things by the book. This ain't no normal football boot. The disruptive and unpredictable nature of the silo continues as adidas launch the silver Corrozone skin in London with the help of Hackney Youth FC.

Hitting up the absolute Mecca of Sunday League pitches in Hackney Marshes, adidas supplied the full squad of Hackney Youth lads with a pair of the latest Glitch skin to put to the test. An alternative approach to a boot launch. A raw grass-roots display that takes one of the most innovative, complicated designs and drops it into the purest of football environments to excel in what it should do best. Get dirty and score goals.

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Taking on a shimmering silver aesthetic, the Corrozone skin arrives as the latest choice of uppers as adidas continue to deliver versatility on their most dynamic of football boot collections. A fitting launch for a boot that is only available within the London area, the Corrozone will be mixed, matched, chopped and changed in its natural habitat of Hackney Marshes, as it has been doing since the original launch in October 2016.

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The Glitch features with a two-piece interchangeable construction, made of an inner shoe and outer skin (featured here), GLITCH is designed to suit the modern game with a focus on adaptability. Think F50 T-unit on steroids. GLITCH has taken the most successful adidas football technologies, including a laceless upper and transformed them into a new football experience.

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.


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