Arriving fashionably late to the party as it always does, adidas have launched the Glitch 19 “Exhibit Skin”, rounding off the Exhibit Pack with an understated look that comes to life under the lights.

The Exhibit Pack arrived last month in swathes of bold, bright colours as players around the globe prepared to put on a show for the world to see. So it was a bit of a surprise to see the Glitch skin arriving in an understated fashion that didn’t seem in keeping with the rest of the pack; the only pops of colour coming from the yellow Three Stripes and heel tab. Yeah, all round this looked like quite an uninspired effort...


But it’s under the lights that the Glitch “Exhibit Skin” comes to life. Seemingly a fairly drab white and off-grey offering initially, it's when hit by light that the base material lights up to reveal block graphic details around the vamp, with the skin matching the design of the inner shoe, creating an "X-ray" effect. And you can show off the effect wherever you play, with on-pitch and turf options available.

The Glitch silo continues to be an experimental platform where players can enjoy unparalleled adaptability for their style, allowing them to express their individuality in far more ease than with any other silo. For those unaware, it’s constructed with two parts, an inner shoe and outer skin. The outer skin can be removed and replaced so players can change their look based on their preference, while maintaining an inner shoe that has a comfortable and supportive fit that suits them. Sorted.


As always, the Glitch 19 “Exhibit Skin” is only available from the Glitch App.