Completing the cleanest of clean sweeps, adidas add the Copa Gloro 19 to the Virtuso Pack ranks, with a special suit for spring and summer that’s set to see the silo surging onto pitches throughout the close season.

The Virtuso Pack swept onto the scene recently, presenting players with a fresh look for the final games of the season. As always, the Copa Gloro arrives fashionably late to the party, imitating the look of its namesake, the COPA 19, with a white base that’s accentuated by green pops throughout. 

Gloro 6-min.jpg

The Copa Gloro more closely resembles the COPA 19.1 rather than the 19+, not just because of the presence of the laces, but also for the positioning of the Three Stripes on the lateral side, where the laceless 19+ opts for a medial side positioning. As always with the Copa Gloro, it’s the tongue that sets it apart from its peers – that and a sub £100 price tag. 

The Copa Gloro continues as a solid option for grassroots players, but it also has the closest link to the traditional Copa DNA, with that tongue serving to offer up what other boots carrying the Copa name no longer can. Spring clean and ready for the season’s conclusion.

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