A collaboration between two of the most iconic Predator players of all-time? Sign us up. Yep, as part of the celebrations surrounding the 25 year anniversary of the launch of the Predator, David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane have come together to put their spin on the current iteration, the Predator 19+.

Landing a week after the ‘25years of Predator Icon Pack’, which gave us special recreations of David Beckham’s 2002 Predator Precision in white and a golden version of Zinedine Zidane’s 1998 Predator Accelerator, the Predator 19+ ’25 Years of Predator’ edition lands to complete the set in both an FG boot and a trainer, bringing together both players’ insights for a pair of modern day masterpieces. 

Predator 11-min.jpg

While the aforementioned releases are laced with nostalgia for a certain generation, offering a massive amount of throwback appeal, the 19+ is an icon for today. The boot takes after the Zidane Accelerator, in that it’s decked out in a resplendent gold colourway. But it also has a twist on the iconic red, white and black that has become synonymous with the silo, switching the white out for silver on the Three Stripes and changing the black to a very dark navy. The red stands out unblemished, making the most subtle yet striking of appearances through the knit collar and the vamp grooves as well as on the heel cup and through the soleplate. 

Predator 5050 1-min.jpg
Predator 5050 2-min.jpg

The left boot features ‘ZZ’ embroidered on the collar, while the right sports ‘DB’, honouring the legends of their past. Flip the boot and the glimmering soleplate looks so regal that you won’t be wanting to take it on pitch. Although it appears that Paul Pogba is more than happy to take them out, as he was seen wearing them ahead of launch against Arsenal on the weekend, and if it's good enough for Paul...

The same initials appear on the trainer also, only this time it’s on a white base that follows in the footsteps of Beckham’s Precision. The same iconic triumvirate of colours appear once again, with gold restricted to a cameo appearance on the heel cup. 

Predator 12-min.jpg

All in all, whether you plan on playing on pitch or court, or if you just want them on your mantlepiece – because, let's face it, with the boot in particular you could – the Beckham x Zidane Predator 19s are the perfect way to bring the icons of the past into the present day, executed expertly, once again, by adidas.

The Predator 19+ '25 Years Of Predator' Edition is available from prodirectsoccer.com