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Zidane Trains In adidas Predator Precision

Obviously he was going to wear them. The limited edition re-release of the adidas Predator Precision sold out in minutes and most pairs will never see a pitch, but there was always one man who was nailed on to wear a boot that was so symbolic with his career.

The thought of Zinedine Zidane furiously refreshing eBay as he looks to make a quick re-sale on his limited editions boots is quite entertaining, but was never a possibility. The Predator Precision is a part of Zidane's footballing DNA. The Frenchman won EURO 2000 in the iconic adidas Predator Precision and fronted the re-launch of the boot in Paris this week. He's promoted them, spoken about them and launched them, and now he's finally got to wear them as the Real Madrid squad returned from international duty this week.


The Predator Precision was the boot that Zidane wore to make his Real Madrid debut so it's fitting that he's back seventeen years later wearing them on the training ground as Real Madrid manager. Adidas have delivered a nostalgic blast of blue as the boot stays as close to the original as possible with one-to-one colour matching from the original.

A K-Leather upper, fold-over tongue with velcro strap, and the trademark rubber elements follow the same pattern as the original too. All this throwback inspired tech is sat on the soleplate taken from the ACE 17 to ensure the Predator Precision is lightweight enough to be declared match fit.

The Predator Precision installed the silo as the king of free kicks; Zidane's effort against Spain at EURO 2000 and David Beckham's legendary strike against Greece in 2001 both ensured that the Predator earned a deserved reputation for pinpoint accuracy. Tongue down, stripes sharp. Seventeen years on and they look as strong as ever on pitch.

Take a closer look at the adidas Predator Precision 2017 here.


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