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Closer Look at the adidas '25 Years of Predator' Zidane Accelerator

A limited edition remake of Zinedine Zidane's 1998 golden adidas Predator Accelerators? Go on then. Is there a more iconic way to celebrate 25 years of football's most iconic boot? Nope. This is the definition of special edition.

Launching as part of the adidas '25 Years of Predator' pack, Zidane's Accelerator joins Beckham's Precision as the brand's most legendary players each receive a limited edition Archive Pack to celebrate this landmark year for the Three Stripes. Ballon d'Or ballin' in shimmering gold, the Accelerator pays homage to Zidane's 1998 achievement and looks like it should be kept in a trophy cabinet itself.


The full '25 Years of Predator' pack dropped at 9am on March 5, meaning you might be too late already. The collection drops under a serious haze of hype and is expected to sell out in minutes – especially the two re-released Predator football boots. Good luck choosing just one pair, but we strongly advise to take whatever you can get here.


Zidane’s ’98 Accelerators have been given a refreshed look with a like-for-like upper lifted from the original. A gold K-leather upper with blue, red and white accents execute the most desirable of aesthetics for a player so worthy of all the accolades that keep coming his way. The re-released Accelerators will come with four different sets of laces; gold, navy, white and red.


Zidane's initials are stitched into the heels for an added sense of ownership, while the majestically nostalgic upper sits on top of the Predator 19+ soleplate, meaning that they're essentially match-fit if you're brave enough to lace up in them. The most stunning ever addition to the adidas Limited Collection line? We're struggling to find evidence to suggest otherwise.


As with the Beckham Archive Pack, the Zidane collection also features a Predator TR edition for hard court surfaces, and a collection of apparel will also accompany the headline Accelerator. Although both the Beckham, and Zidane Predators are restricted releases, adidas have yet to announce how many of each will drop.

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