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adidas Launch The Predator Mania 19+ "Black/Predator Red/White"

Hold your Christmas lists boys and girls… adidas are doing something special ahead of the big day as part of the 25th anniversary of the Predator, and it starts with a fusion of past perfection and modern mechanics, giving us the Predator Mania 19+ in a classic colourway that’s are sure to tick all of those nostalgia boxes.

The Predator Mania exists as one of those boots that almost defines an era, encapsulating not only the action that took place but also the players that wore them. Think Beckham and his free kicks and that Zidane volley in the Champions League final. And adidas have rereleased it on several occasions over the years, tweaking it here and there, but essentially, they’ve never tried to update it. Until now.

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Arriving as a limited edition release as part of the Predators 25th anniversary celebrations, adidas launch two colourways for the new Predator Mania 19. First up, the Predator Mania 19+ arrives in the most iconic of Predator colourways, with a black base joined by white three stripes and red detailing through the outsole. But it’s the return of the classic rubber elements in the forefoot that really mark this release out, both from an aesthetic and technology point of view.

Since the Predator was rereleased for the modern day, a common complaint from traditionalists has always been the lack of the trademark rubber fins – one of the essential elements of the original Predator line and what some may argue made the Predator a Predator. But here they make a welcome return, adidas bringing them back in their unmistakeable Mania curve, and they once again sit on a K-leather upper, completing the authentic Predator feel.

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The only thing missing? A tongue. But that makes way for the laceless Primeknit collar design of the Predator 19+, and therein is where we see the ultimate fusion of the past and present, something that continues through the Controlframe soleplate, within which responsive Boost foam sits to help with cushioning and energy return – further evidence of the advance in technology.

The OG Mania quite simply was the boot of a generation, and now it’s back, revamped and retooled for the modern era.

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Daniel Jones

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