How many new managers could turn up to their first week of training wearing gold adidas Predator boots with their initials on? Two. Zinedine Zidane and Alan Pardew. The returning Real Madrid boss is back in charge at the Bernabeu and slipped on his signature boot to oversee his stuttering side train in the Spanish capital this afternoon.

The World Cup winning Real Madrid legend was the man the club turned to this week and he's made his first public training appearance in the most statement of styles. We had a feeling he'd get involved in the '25 Years of Predator' celebrations, especially considering the impeccable timing of his re-released Accelerator landing in the days surrounding his return to Madrid, but it's the golden Predator 19+ he's opted for to let any players who had any doubts know that he's back as boss.


The new Predator 19+ '25 Years of Predator' was co-designed by Zidane and his former Madrid teammate David Beckham, and released a week after each player had received a signature re-release of Predator perfections. The result of the laceless Predator 19+ is a boot that is a tribute to both Beckham and Zidane, with each respective legend's initials featuring on the tip of the collar. A boot of golden recognition fit for an icon.


It's a strong statement from Zidane and one that adidas would have no doubt backed. He could have just rolled into training with a pair of black and white Copa Mundials and got on with things. But this is Real Madrid, a place of success and inspiration, a club that only ever aims for the very top, and that's what Zidane is all about. These boots are victory personified and a message to his players. That, and they're too good not to wear...


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