Mizuno have added another episode to their Morelia Neo II series wrapped in a combination of "Blue Atoll"and "Blue Depths". Striking in style and covered in class, it's more typical crowd-pleasing vibes from the Japanese brand.

Mizuno carefully select their Morelia Neo II colourways and stick to a three-colour combo – that's the main reason for the success of the collection to date, along with a leather, lightweight perfroamce. That tactic has ensured that the collection is one of the smartest and consistently reliable on the market, and the latest two-punch pairing of blues follows that pattern.


The Mizuno Morelia Neo II is launched in a standard edition featured here, as well as a Made In Japan drop that sits as the brand's elite-level product, receiving the same treatment as Mizen's contracted professional players. An icy aesthetic with winter chill. Not gonna be offending many eyes, these.

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