Turning things up a notch, Mizuno continues its assault on 2019 with the “Day and Night Pack”, and landing as one half of that is the Morelia Neo II, decked out in a not totally unfamiliar “Blue/White/Orange” look.

Following rapidly on the heels of the “Black/Silver/Yellow” release, the Morelia Neo II is back, but this time it’s not alone. Dropping as one half of the “Day and Night Pack” alongside the Rebula 2, the Morelia sees a lighter blue in the heel transition into the deeper, darker blue of the sumptuous-looking leather vamp. Flashes of the familiar “Clown Fish Orange” that Mizuno often utilise feature throughout, most notably on the collar of the heel, giving a setting sun effect, adding to the pack's name.


The “Day and Night Pack” doesn’t branch out massively from what Mizuno are used to; it’s comfortable ground for the Japanese brand and it’s certainly not too experimental. But there’s nothing wrong with that. If it ain’t broke and all that… What you do get is your choice of price points, from the absolute premium quality of the Made in Japan edition to a K-leather edition that comes in at £100. That's K-leather combined with Mizuno quality for £100. Can't argue with that.

Morelia 5050 2-min.jpg
Morelia 5050 1-min.jpg

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