If the adidas football collection was a family, then Glitch is the outcast cousin that doesn't turn up to grandparents funerals and only calls when it needs money. It's unpredictable, unapologetic and untameable. It's gonna do what it wants, when it wants, with no respect for morals or tradition.

An innovative maverick that mocks the concept of how football boots have been built from day one. The nature of Glitch is disruptive with its interchangeable two-piece upper tearing up the rulebook of design in favour of a versatile silhouette built to offer a new dimension of personalisation. Having the luxury of being able to change the outer-skin has allowed adidas to experiment with experimental designs including the latest bright green "Optiflage" wrap.

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The new outerskin is coated in vibrant green with black finishing touches to arrive as a statement piece of the Glitch make-up. A bold suit that complements the aggressive nature of design of the Glitch. As well as dropping a bomb on the boot market, GLITCH is also focused on revolutionising the overall experience of allowing players to connect with adidas product. Only available exclusively through a new app with a closed infrastructure, the GLITCH is only available in London with a four hour timed delivery option within the M25. Just like that. Like ordering a pizza. Only with far more heat and definitely not for sharing.

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When it comes to the in-depth tech stuff, we'll let Vice President of adidas Design, Sam Handy give you the full lowdown. Another offering of Glitch mix but don't expect the fun to stop there, adidas have got a taste for their new toy and it's likely that more Glitch outer-skins will follow through to the end of the season and beyond. So what is Glitch? Suppose it's kind of a laceless F50 T-unit on steroids. 

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.