Throwing a final fix into the Fluido Pack adidas drop a another Glitch 17 outer-skin with hues of blue. Completing a foursome of fresh feels, it's an aqua aesthetic with slip on style.

Your latest serving of Glitch comes with a bold blue base that switches into a graphic printed forefoot. Another example of how versatile the uninterrupted upper of the Glitch can be when it comes to design. The latest "Fluido Pack" sees the Glitch collection creep towards the thirty mark, providing players who have bought the inner shoe massive choice when it comes to flipping their style game to game.


Slide them on, slide them off. The Glitch concept is one that adidas have experimented with extensively when it comes to visual displays, with the one piece outer-skin providing the perfect canvas for creativity. One last time; two pieces, an inner-shoe and outer-skin. It's up to you how to mix and match your build-a-boot design. As with the other Glitch drops, the silo is still only available exclusively through the adidas Glitch app.

Download the app here and start creating.