On this long, winding journey we call life, it's nice to stop and appreciate the little things every now and again. Tucking yourself into crisp, freshly washed bed sheets. Walking along an empty beach at sunrise. That first sip of cold beer on a summer's friday evening, and the purity of a brand new, blacked-out leather football boot, fresh from the box. Boot perfection, smothered in affection.

The Gloro 15.1 is back one last time for another humble helping of heritage, dressed in an all black tux of lux to arrive as the ultimate traditionalist's tool. Fold-over elasticated tongue, k-leather vamp on the forefoot and unspoken level of stealth cool all over. And guess what? You want a pair. The tip of the laces to the bottom of the studs is black on black. Simple. They may be a third of the cost of a 'top end' boot but you try telling us that those top shelvers are three times better than these.

Some description

The Copa Mundial will always be the absolute Godfather of adidas boot heritage but the Gloro helped carve a new generation of boot royalty. For as long as pitches are rectangle, goals have nets and grass is green, the demand for black leather football boots will not die. Someone pass us the dubbin. What a way to go out. Farewell Gloro you beautiful leathered b*****d, you.

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