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adidas Bring Back The Copa Gloro In 2 New Colourways

Football purists the world over, rejoice! For the Copa Gloro is back in the adidas repertoire, with the classic grassroots specialist returning in two colourways, with some subtle tech upgrades from its last appearance.

The Copa Gloro is a proper old school football boot and no mistake. Classic looks and a classic leather construction, this ones for the purists out there. After a brief spell out of the starting lineup, adidas have brought the Gloro back in from the darkness, presenting it in two colourways: an ultra traditional “Core Black/White” look and a slightly more expressive and yet still reserved “Lucid Blue/White/Semi Lucid Blue” option, both of which arrive with that all-new Adidas performance logo on the beautiful signature elasticated fold-over tongue.

gloro 8-min.jpg
gloro 9-min.jpg

The Copa Gloro first appeared on the scene in 2015, and it quickly established itself as a grassroots favourite and a champion of the people, thanks mainly to its pure yet premium leather feel and its low price point. So its an absolute pleasure to see it back after a brief period of absence.

The most notable switch up in terms of its construction comes in the use of premium cow leather, which is used on the whole upper as opposed to just the forefoot, which was how the last iteration of the Gloro signed off. Despite that subtle change, the Copa Gloro still retains the classic DNA of the series.

Welcome back.

gloro 14-min.jpg
gloro 11-min.jpg
gloro 10-min.jpg
gloro 15-min.jpg
gloro 21-min.jpg
gloro 18-min.jpg
gloro 19-min.jpg
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gloro 20-min.jpg

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