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adidas Copa Gloro 17 "Blue/Solar Red"

The red tongue resurgence powers on as adidas drop a timely colour update on their Copa Gloro 17 silo. Predator vibes meet traditional design as the Three Stripes equip their leather offering with a punchy "Blue/Solar Red" combination.

The blue and red design with white stripes is a tried and tested trio that has featured prominently in adidas history, most notably on the Predator series, including the Mania, Precision, Accelerator, Pulse and LZ. It's a winning design and one that's still looking strong on the leather upper of the adidas Copa Gloro 17.


The key thing the adidas Copa Gloro 17 brings to the table, other than supreme comfort, heritage vibes and classic leather feel is value. At under a £100 the adidas Copa Gloro 17 is almost three times cheaper than picking up some of the top priced silos on the market. Are those other boots three times better? We'll let you answer that one.

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