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adidas Copa Gloro 17 "Blackout"

Proper football boot and all that. Next time your old man moans about how the latest, laceless, mid-collar slip-on boot in bright yellow offers no protection, show him these and tell him that they do still make them like they used to.

Traditional boot players can be a hard bunch to please; anything other than leather is a broken metatarsal waiting to happen, and even the suggestion of wearing anything other than an all-black boot is, in their opinion, enough to destroy the entire credibility of someone’s footballing knowledge. But, you won't hear any criticism of the new adidas Copa Gloro 17 "Blackout" drop. Nope. This is purist perfection.


Dipped in the dark stuff to match up with the latest adidas Nite Crawler Pack, the Copa Gloro 17 comes with an elasticated fold-over tongue, and a premium Taurus leather upper. All those beautifully seasoned ingredients for less than £100. No more words are needed.

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