Adidas roll out a second Copa 17 Gloro colourway of the month to deliver another traditional taste on a dish of football heritage. There'll always be a market for black leather football boots, especially ones with a bit of tongue, and if you keep buying 'em, adidas will keep on making 'em.

What can you say about the Copa Gloro series that hasn't been said already? Hopefully something, or else this is going to be a short one. Getting straight to the point, the adidas Copa 17 Gloro delivers. It's the go-to boot for many players who want something that bit lighter than the Copa Mundial, but still packs that natural feel of soft leather on the foot and a bit of boom on the ball.

Yeah, it's still all about that tongue isn't it? That's why you're here. That's why you'd buy a pair. A feature built up by the adidas Predator and one that the Three Stripes have given the honour of carrying to the Copa Gloro. Other than that, it's exactly the same as the recent Copa 17 Gloro "Black/Energy Blue" apart from the blue bits are now yellow bits. Got it?

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