We dare you to find a better boot for under a hundred quid than the adidas COPA Gloro 17. Go on, try it. With the Three Striped innovation steam train hurtling through station after station adidas are still reserving space in their heritage carriage for a boot that oozes class and simplicity.

The COPA Gloro 17 is a tag-team of tradition as the boot sees a merger of the famed Copa and Gloro silos. Sitting outside of their top level X, ACE and Nemeziz silos, the adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 is built for the heritage appreciator with its Taurus leather upper and fold-over tongue acting as the nostalgic kicker. Not to mention a colourway that echoes no nonsense noise. It's a slice of old school and it's more that worth a bite.

They'll always be a demand for black leather football boots. Always. It's not an age thing; it's lazy to assume that black leather football boots are only demanded by the veteran generation. The timeless look is a mentality not a number, players will always appreciated the feel and styling and there will always be an unspoken level of respect for those who opt for a boot with understated style. Yeah, that tongue, though.

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