Puma v1.10 Kehinde Wiley Football Boots - Black Coffee/Grenadine/Whisper White


      Here's the latest release for Puma's v1 speed range, and it's a second installment to the eye-catching Kehinde Wiley collection. Check out the SoccerBible feature with exclusive gallery photos and more...
These stunning new Puma v1.10 football boots are a collaboration with world-famous artist Kehinde Wiley, who's outfitted the v1.10 boots with one of his signature graphic prints. Inspired by the bold colors of Africa, this unique print takes the interesting colourway name of Black Coffee/Grenadine/Whisper White!

      Artist Kehinde Wiley has gained worldwide acclaim due to his signature bold graphic backgrounds, and it is one of Wiley's brilliantly coloured patterns that adorns the lace-cover and toe-area of these Limited Edition Puma v1.10 football boots.
      Puma teaming up with Kehinde certainly makes for an interesting combination, but Puma say it is one that came about because they recognised in his work - an intensity and passion synonymous with his creations; they capture the spirit of what it is to be a football player and fan.
      The Puma v1.10 football boots are the most recent incarnation of Puma's v1 speed range, and to-date are still the most innovative and radically designed boot we've seen from Puma. Using a host of materials, Puma have created a speed boot that delivers great touch, feel and strike of the ball.
      The microfibre material adorned in the Kehinde Wiley print covers the fore-foot and lace-cover, and provides a clean striking surface. Similar to a thin leather, the microfibre is soft and flexible, but has the advantages of being highly abrasive resistant.
      The medial and lateral quarter of the Kehinde Wiley Puma v1.10 football boots are made from a durable textile material. This strong and flexible material has been treated with a dirt and water repellent coating, and provides comfort around the ankle and collar area.
      The Puma form-stripe, a stand-out feature on the boot, is part of the thermo-plastic framework that maintains the boots shape, and has the added benefit of a textured surface to offer enhanced ball grip.
      For comfort and fit the Kehinde Wiley v1.10 football boots are formed around Puma's AptoLast, which has been successfully utilised in the range since the v1.08 football boots. Puma have also created a solid heel counter for the v1.10, which is quite rare in a speed boot but essential for stability and performance.
      Speed performance comes from the one-piece outsole, with carbon-fibre embedded into the forefoot to distribute pressure and react to the foot flexing. In the midfoot of the sole-plate there is a TPU reinforcement (shaped in a 'V') to help with stability and prevent the midfoot bending. The studs are mounted on a lightweight frame, and shaped for smooth ground penetration to optimise traction.
      The new Kehinde Wiley Puma v1.10 football boots, featuring the Black Coffee/Grenadine/Whisper White colourway, are expected to be available from late October and due to their bespoke design are a limited release expected to cost around £140 GBP.