Right, here we are on the cusp of a new era, but before we take a step into the new year we're taking a look back to pick out our top 30 football boots of the past decade. Anything launched between 2010 and 2019 is fair game and we've spent far too long re-arranging and overthinking so finally... this is it.

This was hard. Possibly even harder than our Top 30 Football Shirts of the Decade list. The one thing we were absolutely certain on when we finally finished is that those ten years have gone ridiculously fast. Three World Cups, Two Europeans Champions, hundreds of colourways, a rapidly growing series of signatures and limited editions, not to mention the most advanced decade of all time in terms of materials and innovation. Laces went, collars arrived. How do you fit all that into a top 30 list? We're still unsure. Here goes...


30 | Nike Tiempo Legend V

We're starting with a boot that launched in December 2013. The Tiempo series has spanned across numerous decades and it's still going strong moving into 2020. The fifth generation was one of the picks of the decade with its quilted design and split colourway. 


29 | adidas COPA 19+

We're sticking our neck on the line and saying that the COPA 19+ is the best laceless adidas boot on the market. The Three Stripes now release all their leading silos in laceless options but while the laced editions tend to be more popular the COPA is the one silo that we reckon is genuinely better than the laced version thanks to that extra cushioned striking and control zone.


28 | PUMA V1.11

Aguero. Last Minute. Title Win. This is a boot that has a direct link to the most dramatic moment in Premier League history. The silo was launched in 2010 and with its synthetic upper, lace cover and streamlined design was well ahed of its time. Best PUMA boot of the decade?


27 | adidas COPA Mundial Whiteout

Alright, this might be one for the purists but when you consider that adidas left the COPA Mundial series untouched for thirty years, this colour update was pretty significant. Stunningly simple.


26 | PUMA Future 18.1 NetFit

With all the laceless hype knocking around PUMA asked us if laces were ever the problem with their Future 18.1 boot. The silo gave, and still does give players the option to lace up their boots in a custom way for the perfect bespoke fit.


25 | adidas F50 adizero 2011

Those staggered stripes running down the toe area are a pattern that defines 2011. Adidas dropped a consistently strong run of colourways on this leather and the synthetic edition as well as lighter 'Prime' boot.


24 | adidas GLITCH

Easily the most disruptive release of the decade, arguably ever. The Glitch was like nothing ever seen before with a two-piece construction allowing players to switch up the aesthetic of the boot from game to game. Genuine innovation that adidas can re-tune for a later project.


23 | Nike GS

Nike dropped a limited edition run of Green Speed boots in 2012 as the Swoosh focused on sustainability. Each pair was made from recycled materials and released in restricted numbers. A landmark moment for lightweight speed boots consolidated by Neymar wearing them at the 2012 Olympics.


22 | Nike Mercurial Superfly IV BHM

We're already regretting not placing this higher. The fourth-gen Superfly was significant in that it was the first hi-collared Mercurial, and the Black History Month edition was a sublime piece of design.


21 | adidas Predator Accelerator Gold ZZ

Honestly, how can you leave a re-released gold Accelerator off this list? Shove a shimmering soleplate and Zidane branding on the heels and this was always a banker for the list. Easy idea for adidas to please the players, sure. But still, well executed; more so than some of the other Predator re-releases.


20 | adidas Predator Accelerator DB

This edition is slightly further ahead due to the fact that it celebrated the history of the old Predators and the innovation of the new silhouette. A limited edition hi-collared Accelerator in all white as a nod to David Beckham's most iconic moments in the boot. Yeah, that'll do. 


19 | Nike T90 Laser I Re-Issue

Yeah, we do feel a bit naughty giving places in this list to re-releases. After all, they've been done before so the idea is already there. Sure, they don't challenge genuinely new innovation but when Nike made the T90 Laser I look this good the pull of nostalgia was too much. There's a reason this topped our favourite boots of 2019 list.


18 | Nike Mercurial Vapor X

The Vapor X dropped in the shadow of the Superfly IV in April 2014 but we're backing it as our favourite standard Vapor generation of the decade. The beautifully soft and smooth upper melted to the shape of your foot for the most cushioned fit. Still a place for this in a knit-dominated market for us.


17 | Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Rare Gold

In January 2015 Nike wasted no time in rewarding Cristiano Ronaldo on his 2014 Ballon d'Or win with a custom pair of "Rare Gold" Mercurial Superfly IV boots, bespoke with a lower fit collar. Just 333 pairs dropped worldwide. That golden design was the definition of premium signature style.


16 | adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol PP

Paul Pogba is now on Season Six of his signature adidas series, but the first ever collection still takes some beating for us. A marble-effect ACE 17+ Purecontrol followed an ACE 16+ of the same colourway. Another boot with that little bit extra to make it an obvious signature.


15 | Nike Mercurial Vapor R9 XV Chrome

Just 15 pairs of the Nike Mercurial Vapor R9 XV Chrome boots were gifted to Nike customers to celebrate 15 years since Ronaldo wore the original at the 1998 World Cup. Still one of the most valuable boots of all time due to its rarity.


14 | Nike Mercurial Vapor FlyKnit Ultra

This little number slipped under the radar somewhat as Nike launched it to test the waters ahead of dropping their first knitted Vapor. That gold-on-black upper with a limited edition tag is more than enough to sneak into our top 15.


13 | adidas Predator Mania Champagne Re-Issue

Yeah, okay, another re-release, but you trying leaving these off your list. The Mania will forever be pure seduction for us, the cheeky little temptress. We can't say no and we're making absolutely no apologies for that.


12 | adidas X 99.1

The X 99.1 was a tribute to original adidas 99g boot, but actually wearable. What we're looking at here is the most wearable lightest football boot of all time. The fact that pros such as Callum Hudon-Odoi have stayed in it for months prove that super-lightweight doesn't have to be throw-away. And it looked superb, obvz.


11 | Nike What The Mercurial

This limited edition Mercurial from 2016 was arguably the most disruptive Mercurial of the decade. The 'What The Mercurial' was sliced 16 ways to celebrate 16 of the most memorable Mercurial colorways of all time. Just 3,000 pairs were launched worldwide.


10 | Nike Mercurial Superfly III CR7 Safari

The Safari print was the most memorable design of the early 10s thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo's meteoric rise as Nike's leading player. A Swoosh icon was born and he'd go on to be one of the brand's greatest ever sportsmen.


9 | adidas Predator adiPower

Yeah we've snuck this into the top ten and you're angry. Hear us out... because all you're seeing right now is a red mist and a Predator without a tongue. This was one of the most underrated Predators for us. The streamlined design with genuine shooting tech and a traditional Predator colourway. The longer time goes on the more we're feeling the adiPower.


8 | Nike Tiempo Legend Totti

Just look at these. A golden Tiempo with a bespoke fold-over tongue because the main man wouldn't wear anything else. Nike had to add a tongue to every single one of Totti's boots so they finally celebrated that with a special edition release to honour this Roman God. Nothing is more Totti than these boots. 2500 pairs were released to mark his 25th year at the club. Never has the word Legend been more fitting for the boot.


7 | adidas ACE 16+ Purecontrol

Okay, Lotto will forever claim that they made the first laceless boot, but the ACE 16+ Purecontrol is the boot that kickstarted a revolution for adidas. The first laceless football boot worn across the game by professional players each week. A stunning launch colourway and chunky stripes that got the Predator crew on board. A truly significant release of an immensely innovative decade.


6 | Nike Hypervenom I

Which colourway do you choose here? We were close to opting for the gold design Neymar wore at the 2014 World Cup, but we've gone for the original. Anyone who wore the first generation Hypervenom knew how soft and supple that NikeSkin upper was. They'll also know that it was prone to a tear but that doesn't stop us overlooking its beautiful looks. Not many boot series peak at the first generation, but this one did.


5 | Nike T90 Laser IV

Anyone that owned a pair of the T90 Laser series has stood in front of goal and tanked the ball as hard as humanly possible for at least a whole afternoon. The ultimate power football boot and a series that was retired long before we were ready for it. Yeah, the Laser III was knocking around in 2010 but it originally launched in 2009. Plus, the fact that this was the last of the series makes us miss it even more. Unsurprisingly featured on our list of 14 boots that need to be re-released.


4 | Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite

Now we're getting down to business and any of these top four could have clinched top position and we would have been happy. In fourth place we've got the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite. Whether it was this black and orange launch edition or the EURO 2012 Clash Collection pack, the Tiempo Legend IV with its carbon fibre soleplate will forever be a Tiempo 'Legend'.


3 | adidas F50 adizero 2010

The first ever F50 adizero takes our bronze. Everything about it screams lightweight speed. Sleek figure, clean upper and a choice of synthetic or upper. This boot kick-started a new generation of speed for adidas and you know damn well it would sell out in seconds if the Three Stripes re-released it. How was it ten years ago we were admiring these at the World Cup in South Africa?


2 | Nike CTR360 Maestri II

A boot that was discontinued about ten years too soon. The CTR series was the ultimate control boot and we know we're not alone when we say we miss it. The first two generations were the perfect balance of sleek, control and aesthetically tidy, while the third opted for a slightly chunkier design. The second-gen is our pick here. The only thing wrong with it? It's not top.


1 | Nike Magista Obra I

Ironically the Magista replaced the CTR series so that leaves us with some explaining to do doesn't it? While the pull of nostalgia was strong enough to see these two switched around we managed to resist temptation and plump for a boot that was the most innovative of the decade. The Magista Obra I shocked the market upon release with its mid-collared knitted construction. People were outraged, people were intrigued, people began to accept and embrace before the whole footballing market followed the knitted trend. The icing on the cake was Mario Gotze notching the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup final. A masterclass of a release.

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