Another year, another Black Friday sale, and we’ve scoured Pro:Direct Soccer’s sales to once again bring you the best boots available at discounted prices.

Weird to have a World Cup at the same time as a Black Friday sale, but that’s what 2022 has given us. So while you probably want to keep your eyes on the action from Qatar, we’ve taken the hard work out of Black Friday for you by rounding up the best boots from Pro:Direct’s deals. These aren’t the cheapest or biggest discounts, rather they’re what we think are the best boots available at discounted prices, with several recent releases catching the eye. So dive in and see what takes your fancy.

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PUMA Ultra Ultimate | 29% off – Was £190 – BF Price £135 – SAVE £55 

Starting with PUMA's latest silo upgrade, the Ultra Ultimate, which dropped back at the end of July as part of the 'Fastest Pack'. A decent saving makes these speed boots a very appealing prospect. Catch them while you can.


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Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor XV | 32% off– Was £235 – BF Price £160 – SAVE £75 

One of the most popular boots on the market, the Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor XV is currently the most worn boot at the 2022 World Cup. Here, it's available in its 'Lucent Pack' look, with a tidy £75 saving.


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adidas Predator Edge+ | 39% off – Was £230 – BF Price £140 – SAVE £90 

This has to be one of the best deals of Pro:Direct's Black Friday sale... The adidas Predator Edge+ in its brand new 'Al Rihla' pack guise (that's right, the one in use at the World Cup), with a massive 39% off the normal price. 


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adidas COPA Sense+ | 22% off – Was £230 – BF Price £180 – SAVE £50

Another from the adidas 'Al Rihla' pack, although not quite with the same savings as the Predator Edge, the COPA Sense+ is available with a decent £50 saving.


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Lotto Solista 100 IV Gravity | 50% off – Was £180 – BF Price £90 – SAVE £90 

Laceless for less, the Lotto Solista 100 IV Gravity offers a cheaper route into the world of laceless boots, and for Black Friday you can get it for half price. Biggest saving on this list.


bf 11-min.jpg

The Nike 1971 | 44% off – Was £180 – BF Price £100 – Save £80

A proper collectors item, this one. It's one for the mantlepiece rather than the pitch. It only comes in a size 8, but it harks back to Nike's beginnings in the game, and with a whopping 44% off, it'd make a fine addition to any boot collection.


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PUMA Women's Future Z 1.4 | 26% off – Was £190 – BF Price £140 – SAVE £55 

One for the ladies, the PUMA offer a number of their boots in a slimmer, women's-specific fit. This particular colourway comes from the 'Fastest Pack', which was released back in July and now has over a quarter of the price slashed off.


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Diadora Brazil Made in Italy | 43% off – Was £230 – BF Price £130 – SAVE £100

An absolutely regal boot, both in terms of its white/gold aesthetics, but also in its fine Italian craftmanship. Proper steal with £100 off.


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Nike Phantom GT II DF | 39% off – Was £245 – BF Price £150 – SAVE £95 

Part of the 2022 Nike Shadow Pack, which saw the addition of golden accents on the black base, the Phantom GT II is a great all rounder, favoured by the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Kai Havertz. Almost £100 off is a great deal for these.


bf 10-min.jpg

adidas X Speedportal | 26% off – Was £230 – BF Price £170 – SAVE £60 

The X Speedportal is currently adidas's most popular on professional pitches, and it's available in its Champions League-inspired 'Beyond Fast' look with a quarter of the price knocked off. Nice.


bf 7-min.jpg

PUMA King Platinum 21 | 44% off – Was £180 – BF Price £100 – SAVE £80

With the weather like it is in the UK at the moment, it only feels right to include a soft ground boot, and you can't go far wrong with the King for grassroots football, especially when it has 44 percent off.


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