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Red Star FC Reveal 22/23 Home & Away Shirts Designed By Lack Of Guidance

Red Star FC are a club that are used to blazing their own trail, however, even they are not averse to a little point in the right direction now and again. So they’ve recruited the help of Dutch brand Lack of Guidance to, well, guide the design of their 22/23 Kappa home and away shirts, and the results – as always – are well worth seeing.

Having welcomed design inspiration on both last season and this season’s Venezia kits with superb results, Kappa have once again showed that they are forward thinking when it comes to design, this time for Red Star FC’s new home and away shirts. And coming in to power-steer the new jerseys' direction is Dutch brand Lack of Guidance; the three coming together to make a power-triforce (that a word? Well, it is now).

red star 2-min.jpg

For the home shirt then we get a reversion to a predominantly green look, split in a 50/50 combo of different shades. The raglan sleeves then feature the opposing colours from each side for what is a unique look, while the white that dominated the look of the last season’s shirt takes up residence in the side panels and cuff trim and hem.

The away shirt features the same template as the home, but it’s presented without the half-half split design. So what you get is a black base joined by purple/blue trim in the side panels and on the sleeve cuffs and hem. The Kappa logo sits on the upper arm in red, as well as soon the regular slot on the chest in white.

Both shirts are also available in long sleeve versions too, because in case you haven't heard they're properly back in vogue, and we love it.

red star 3-min.jpg
red star 6-min.jpg
red star 5-min.jpg
red star 4-min.jpg
red star 1-min.jpg

The Red Star FC 22/23 home and away shirts are available at

Daniel Jones

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