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Red Star FC & Kappa Unveil Customisable 21/22 Home & Away Shirts

Offering up a radical new approach to their jersey design, and one that coincides with the commencement of a new partnership with Kappa, Red Star FC unveil their new home and away shirts for the 21/22 season, which arrive with a unique customisable option.

Red Star FC have a reputation as cult favourites, having forged a reputation for bucking trends and doing things their own way, grabbing attention for their standout styles. And the 21/22 season  marks he start of a new chapter, with the club starting a new partnership with Kappa, who take a leaf out of their artistic direction with Venezia, by bringing in a third party to help with the jersey design, and in this case it’s Dutch fashion house, Daily Paper.

As well as the two stand out designs, both the home and away shirts also offer something new. A club crest commonly sits above the heart, symbolising the place that the club sits with fans. But But at Red Star, it’s not just about football; there are other issues that the club supports. To highlight this, the new shirts feature Velcro on the back of the iconic Red Star crest, so you can remove it and affix other badges. 

This novel approach makes the new shirts the first ever customisable and evolving shirts in the professional game. Three badges are already available on the club’s online store: "Notre Cœur Notre Force" (Our Hearth, Our Strength), “Bauer”, and “Refugees Welcome”, while other badges will be released throughout the year, highlighting the club’s commitment to specific causes. 

red star 8-min.jpg
red star 6-min.jpg

Aside from the badge, the home shirt incorporates the traditional green and white colours of the club, with the green dominating the back of the shirt, wrapping around over the sleeves to the front where a rough finish cuts into the white. The Away kit is a “negative” version of the home one, not dissimilar to photographic films, with crimson and orange tones replacing the green and white.

The crest and branding adopt an unorthodox position on the chest, both sitting wider than you’d typically expect. And this leaves additional space for the appearance of the new sponsor, Linked Out. Vice are not completely gone though, taking up residence on the sleeves instead.

red star 11-min.jpg
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The Red Star FC 21/22 home and away shirts are available at

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