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Kappa & Red Star FC Reveal 23/24 Home & Away Shirts

Red Star has always been a club that does things their own way, carving a path where others will inevitably follow, and the club’s kits for 23/24 from Kappa are no different, having been created with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Parisian side Red Star FC boast a wealth of history – 125 years worth to be more specific – and now all of that history has been poured into the creation of their new home and away shirts from Kappa. And when we say “poured in”, it’s actually not that far off the truth. See, to design their new jerseys, Red Star and Kappa have collaborated with artificial intelligence and the UVL studio, a creative studio that uses AI. It was fed with images from the club's archives, team photos, photos of the stadium, images of each old shirt and more, and what was produced is the shirts that the club will wear for the 23/24 season.

To say that the shirts were created by AI is not wholly correct though… Armed with all this information, the AI was able to start thinking about its contribution, feeding into the club's creative process, with the shirts taking shape, green but also blue, a colour of the past that is sometimes forgotten. The stripes took hold, the machine drew them everywhere, and the model took shape. So rather than create the new shirts, it drew on the club's memories, shedding light on its identity and pushing it to remember, to go even further into its memory and its heritage.

The result is a home shirt that sees the traditional green base with white stripes, featuring black pinstripes within. Then, the away shirt sees a stylised blue stripe execution on the white base, fading and alternating in thickness, while a traditional polo collar adds an extra flourish to the look.

red star 5-min.jpg
red star 4-min.jpg
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red star 3-min.jpg

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