Making some more early moves, Kappa and Red Star FC have dropped their extended 2021/22 season collection following the recent launch of the side's new home and away kits — the first of the new partnership between the Italian brand and historic French club.

Entering a partnership with a club that has the kind of cult following that Red Star do would always be daunting; this is a club that has a reputation for bucking trends and doing things their own way, notably grabbing attention for their standout styles. As one of the oldest clubs in France, it’s a reputation that has been built and reforged over decades. But Kappa aren’t new to the game either; the Italian brand boast a rich heritage themselves, along with a keen eye for style. You could say that the partnership is something of a match made in heaven. And now they follow up the recently released home and away shirts with their first-ever extended collection together.

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Having ventured out on their own for a first-ever solo collection at the end of last year, Red Star are back under the guiding light of a brand who’ve been there and done that. And so with one eye on the pitch and one on the street, Kappa and Red Star have launched their first extended collection together, which perfectly combines the brand’s iconic Italian style with more than a touch of the French side’s swagger. 

The collection, which is comprised of a full tracksuit and collarless polo along with other supporting apparel pieces, sees the inimitable Kappa Banda slipping in seamlessly alongside the Red Star decor, all presented in the traditional block greens and whites of the club. A solid start for the pairing, and an exciting prospect for where they venture in the future.

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