Red Star FC – the second oldest football club in France – have released their first own branded lifestyle collection, designed in partnership with WWWESH STUDIO. The collection explores the evolution of the Red Star logo and includes a range of t-shirts, hoodies and hats.

Shifting their connection with the Three Stripes to one side for a brief solo spin, style supremos Red Star F.C. have ventured into territory unknown for the club’s first-ever own-branded lifestyle capsule collection. It represents the next logical step in the development of the club’s rebellious and creative culture. This may well be one of the oldest clubs in France, but why play in the confines of tradition when you can have this much fun?

red star 3-min.jpg
red star 2-min.jpg

Red Star’s legacy is firmly created within football, but it now crosses confidently into lifestyle and fashion. For their first purely lifestyle collection, they turn focus on that legacy though, exploring the evolution of their own eponymous Red Star of the club’s name and how the club crest has changed over the years. The year of the club’s creation is also included in the designs, spread out across hoodies, tees and hats. An exciting step for on the unconventional though enchanting route that the club continue on.

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