Red Star Paris are a club that thrives on a rebellious and creative culture. Their 120 year history has seen them personify a raw appreciation for the game that shuns the bright lights. These special edition home and away shirts come from avant-garde places for the connoisseur of football culture.

Home in green, away in black, the shirts celebrate Red Star's legacy with football, lifestyle and fashion. Teaming up with media outlet VICE, Red Star have embraced 'a history of madness' which today sees them call home the well worn Stade Bauer. Founded by Jules Rimet, it may be a club that sits in the shadows of other Parisian giants, but their history is unquestioned and they are culturally rich and a huge reflection of pure football in the French capital.

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Having reworked of the clubs 2017/18 home shirt to carry the new VICE sponsorship, the green jersey is also joined by the black away shirt. It's a shirt that was initially released to celebrate the sides 120th anniversary. Red Star pride themselves on leaving the pitch to the players and the party to those in the stands. While it's a results based business they proudly profess the message that this a club where the result isn't the be-all and end-all. They'll celebrate the wins and drink away the defeats. A professional outfit with a progressive nature. We're all over it.

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