Preparing for the time when football returns in all its glory, Salamanca-based web designer Aircreative has offered up face mask concept designs for various La Liga sides such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, and Valencia.

While the footballing authorities continue to puzzle their way through how the remainder of the 2019/20 season will play out, fans continue to build to a frenzied level of anticipation that will crescendo in an explosion of pure emotion and joy at the return of the beloved game. But as and when football does return, the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are sure to still be apparent, and in all likelihood, fans and the wider society will be looking at taking extra precautions when restrictions are lifted and we all start venturing outside again. So to help, web designer Aircreative has produced some face mask concepts for several La Liga sides, potentially offering up the opportunity for fans to show off their support while still staying safe.

air 4-min.jpg

Each mask takes current kit designs and reinterprets them for stylish mask pieces. Sitting alongside the clubs’ crests, Aircreative has “borrowed” each team’s kit branding, so the Barca mask features the Swoosh, as does the Atletico Madrid and Sevilla masks, while Real Madrid boasts the Three Stripes and Valencia has the “J” of Joma front and centre. But it is for this reason that these particular masks are unlikely to ever be available legitimately, with the brands themselves just as likely to release their own takes. Still, look smart for your post-pandemic spring/summer style, don’t they?

air 1-min.jpg
air 2-min.jpg
air 3-min.jpg
air 5-min.jpg

In other pandemic-related news, both adidas and Nike have been doing their bit to fight COVID-19.