Repurposing TPU materials used for the famous Air sole units, the brand are looking to contribute towards the COVID-19 relief effort by working closely with the Oregon Health & Science University. The brand are now producing face shields for medical personnel.


The collective effort in fighting COVID-19 is something Nike have been emphasising. For consumers of the brand, The Living Room Cup is a way to keep effort and busy in both mind and body while keeping those at home engaged with the brand. On the front line however, this move shows how the brand are looking to utilise the machine behind the scenes for the good of the cause. The parts being produced are that of full face shields and air-purifying respirator lenses. Made from elements that would have been included in apparel and footwear lines, it's the likes of sneaker padding or cords for clothing that have been repurposes however the core feature is the use of Air sole units which will now be used for create lenses and visors.

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